Barasport and Day of Vyshyvanka

Celebrate Day of Vyshyvanka with Barasport City Apartments!
16th of may

Hello Friends! The Barasport team wishes everyone a Happy Vyshivanka Day! And we already have a great plan how to celebrate this event!

On May of 16th Kiev will be filled with the most diverse, beautiful Ukrainian embroidered shirts(vyshyvanka). This is not just a shirt, but a Ukrainian symbol and a powerful human amulet. That’s why Ukrainians love and respect national clothes so much!

Barasport idea! After the traditional parade of Vyshyvanka in the city center, go to the concert of the Pavel Virsky ensemble.

Barasport idea №2! Book Green Suite and Gray Suite now! After all, they are so close to the place of the event – the Palace of Ukraine! And they are so warm and cozy, with a panoramic view of the city! Fairy tale!

Barasport idea №3! Visit the ODESSA restaurant opposite the Palace Ukraine! Spend a wonderful evening in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation!

A bright dance and music show VIRSKY will be held on May 16 at 19:00. As always, for the audience, the ensemble prepares a unique program that will amaze with its professionalism, perfected movements, as in one exact mechanism. You will find a colorful explosion of dance energy and songs, colorful outfits, thought out to the smallest detail.

Come in Vyshivanka!

Taking care of you,

Barasport City Apartments