(RU) Впервые в Киеве MALUMA

July 8 at 19:00
Palace of Sports

Do you want to get real musical pleasure for a long time? Then you in Kiev. June 8! MALUMA!

Be a part of a historic event – the first performance of Maluma in Ukraine! July 8 at 19:00 in the Palace of Sports will be a grand concert MALUMA! Buy tickets and book Barasport apartments, stay for a couple of days in the capital. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to stay 5 minutes from the place of the event! The vibe of this beautiful, energetic artist envelops you completely.

And the opening concert will be gorgeous, hot NK !!! She won the MALUMA sound, truly Latin American temperament and the energy that comes from it !!

“I am sure, thanks to the fact that it is NK that opens the concert in Kiev, it will be even more enchanting,” says MALUMA

“For my part, I will give the audience crazy energy and drive,” Nastya admits.

Maluma! Under his fiery rhythms can not resist. Forward!

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