November 9, 2019, Sat 19:00
Palace of Sports
бумбокс дворец спорта

I don’t know about you, but the barasport city apartments team loves the work of the Boombox group! We are informing you about a super event!

The legendary Boombox band is releasing a new album, and there is not the no doubt that it will, as usual, break all the charts and sound from every radio!On Saturday, November 9, we are going to gather at the Sports Palace at 19:00! It is going to be HOT there! We are pleased to host the guests of the capital in our apartments in the center! It’s so convenient! Together we will listen new tracks and sing old ones.In the new album “Secret Code”will be more than 11 songs, can you imagine?More than 11 songs that you, inspiredly, will add to your playlist.

Do not hesitate and come hang out with us! With barasport city apartments! Book and come!