видеожара в Barasport

VideoZhara in Kyiv

Friends, summer is near. Heat is coming!  VideoZhara comes with it!

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апартаменты Barasport

Barasport congratulates with the Great Victory Day

I remember…

May 9 is a day that unites all of us, regardless of profession, nationality, gender or religion. Today is a great day – Victory Day!

The Barasport City Apartments team wishes peace and goodness to prosper  in every home, so that every person protects their loved ones, and that every day brings us only happiness! May the sky above our heads always be bright and clear! Thank you to the Veterans for their feat, courage, bravery, patience and fortitude! Thank you for the Victory!

The bright memory of the Heroes!


Barasport and Day of Vyshyvanka

Hello Friends! The Barasport team wishes everyone a Happy Vyshivanka Day! And we already have a great plan how to celebrate this event!

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фестиваль пива в киеве 2019

Beer lovers dedicated

Beer lovers dedicated

If you like beer, then fly to us! Barasport City Apartments announces beer festival! Yes, yes, your favorite, delicious beer. Stay at the Barasport apartment, experience the taste of evening Kiev! Do not hesitate, call us and come to us, we always welcome our guests! Especially when in the capital KYIV BEER FESTIVAL Continue reading

Чернобыль с Barasport City Apartments! Chernobyl Tour! Trip to Chernobyl. Is it safe in Chernobyl

Exciting excursion to Chernobyl with Barasport City Apartments!

Hey Friends! Let’s travel with Barasport City Apartments! Finally, Barasport City Apartments give you a wonderful opportunity to open another life of Chernobyl!

Besides, it is also a great chance to take a walk through the streets of the ghost town of Pripyat. What’s more, to visit all sights of Chernobyl! You will see a decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out. The Sarcophagus and the New Safe Confinement (“Arch”) – an observation point at a 300 m distance; The secret soviet object Chernobyl-2 (radar “DUGA-1”). Giant radar antenna “DUGA-1”, secret town of Chernobyl-2.

Follow the link and use PROMOKD for DISCOUNT – BRS705UA.

But that is not all! To be absolutely happy just book Barasport City Apartments!

Because we make dreams come true!

Restaurant Salon “Kanapa”

Not far from Andreevskiy descent, near the metro station Kontraktovaya Ploshchad, there is a restaurant-salon Kanapa. The restaurant is located in an old wooden house which was built in the 19th century. Visitors are offered 6 halls of halls and an open terrace, in the interior of which wooden elements and various fresh flowers are used. Beautiful furniture made of wood and leather are installed in the halls, thematic paintings and carpets are hung on the walls, and other antique items serve as decorations

Here you can order traditional Ukrainian dishes, unique molecular dishes, made on the basis of old recipes of national dishes, and choose homemade liqueurs among the drinks. Popular dishes: chicken Kiev pheasant, sweet egg made from bird milk, edible butter candle. Among the antique items there is an authentic weaving machine and possible master classes. In the evenings in the restaurant you can listen to live music, and here you can hold a celebration in the banquet hall and order a VIP room. By the way, the restaurant “Kanapa” in 2016 became the winner in the National Restaurant Award SALT in the category “The Best Restaurant of Ukrainian Cuisine”.


The exhibition features more than 70 works by world-famous American artist Android Jones. In his hands, digital brushes create an alternate reality. Worlds appear in his canvases in mind-incomprehensible colors, symbols and images. In them you will see yourself and feel the soul of the artist. SAMSKARA is: – the largest collection of paintings by the artist Android Jones; – fantastic shows on spherical screens; – virtual games and flights around the world of samskara; – shows and performances.